NMJ Superline NSB Wood chip waggon NSB Fb 603 0003-0, T.1

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NMJ Superline Mode of the NSB 3ood chip waggon type Fb-w 603 0003-0 type 1 with high wooden wall and 4 side doors.

Handmade superdetailed brass model with all details on body and with complete chassis and brake equipment in brass.

Only 24 models of each number produced

All togheter NSB had Lt4/Fb/Fb-w 415 wood chips waggons, 324 ot Type1 and 91 of type 2 with higher endwalls. Due to increasing production of wood chip from the 1960 it was a stedily growing demand for transportation. Since the Norwegian parliament was relucted for new investment in the state owned NSB, NSB started a big rebuilding program. At first many old norweigan and left behind german freight waggons were rebuilt, thereafter 315 Open L4/Elo 315 were rebuilt with higher side walls, Ltl4 type 1 and 91 Lt4 tpe 2 type with higher endwalls.

From 1968 got UIC litra Fb and Fb-w and was in service in the 1980-ties when sufficent Rps and the Finsam wood chip (Topline model serie 505.XXX) were available.

More Information

More Information
Railway Company NSB
Scale H0 / 1:87
Manufacturer NMJ
Art. No. NMJSFb0003
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm