NMJ Topline NSB Di3a 607, Redbrown Livery, 4 doors, Snowplows and Skirts, DC

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NSB Di3a 607 redbrown livery with 4 doors and small snow ploughs and gitter. DC Analogue.

NMJ Topline model of the NSB Di3a 607 with 4 doors and big white NSB logo exactly in scale 1:87 H0. The model is in the redbrown "old" design with correct body length, with the smaller snowploughs in end 1 and skirt i end 2. Specially for 607 is the different colouring of buffer beams, snowplow and skirt. 607 is with the window protection "gitter" and roof with outlet for steam heating. Correct light arrangement, new chassis, and updated PCB. Prepared for digital and digital sound with loud speaker and 21 pins MTC interface for decoder.

Available also in DCC SOUND version with the fantastic NMJ Nohab Sound for Di3, new developed with steam heating.

Totally built 35 Di3 of which 29 was of the Di3a with the short body of 18600mm l.o.b. This was done by shortening the drivers cabins with 150 mm on backsides. This due to make them fit on the short turntables and travers.

Some technical data:

Length over buffers: 18600mm

Weight: 102 tons

Motor: EMD/GM 16/567C/E

Output: 1305kW/1175 HK

Wheelbase: 14300mm

Built by: Nohab, Trollhättan 1954-1969</p

More Information

More Information
Scale H0 / 1:87
Railway Company NSB
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm
Current -
Digital Interface MTC 21 Pin
Model Di 3
Art. No. NMJT90030
Manufacturer NMJ