NMJ Topline SJ Gbls-u 156 4 918-5 Closed freight wagon

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NMJ Topline model of the SJ Gbls-u 156 4 918-5, with end opening and high brakeman`s plattform.

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NMJ Topline model of the SJ Gbls-u 156 4 918-5, with UIC numbers Superdetailed Topline model of SJ Gbls-u with UIC numbers and lettering from ca 1968. All details on the body and undercarriage with korrekt lettering and mounted metal handrails. The models has end opening, high brakmans`s plattform with external hand brake and emergency brake for transport of military soldiers. NEM short couplings mechanism og pocket. Exact in HO 1:87, length over buffers are 141,2mm.

G was deeloped after tests with the previous Grh, art. 603.XXX with welded undercarriage. The first of this high volume G were delivered the privat GDJ railways in 1936. Litra G was one the most important freight wagons in Sweden, and 3471 were produced until 1951. The wagon had a loading area of 30m2, a weight 13 tons and a laoding capacity of 20,5 tons. With it axel distance of 8,4 m the G was permitted for 100km/h. Many of the Swedish privat railways also ordered this practical and useful freight wagon, such as TGOJ, BJ, HNJ, NOJ; GDJ, SWB og UGJ. These had extensive trafik also on SJ net work and abroad and the private wagons could be seen all over Europe.

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More Information
Scale H0 / 1:87
Railway Company SJ
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm
Art. No. NMJT604.301
Manufacturer NMJ