NMJ Topline NSB Di3a.615 "Nohab", DC

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NMJ Topline NSB Di3a.615 "Nohab",new design, red/black, DC

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NMJ Topline model of the NSB Di 3.615 in the red/black livery.

NMJ TOPLINE modell of NSB Di3a, short type, 18600mm= H0 213,8mm length over buffers. Delivered with all the typical Norwegian details such as NSB body type, correct NSB bogies, body details and undercarraige details. Ventilation side grills of the Nohab type. Correct light arrangement for the NSB type, light in both drivers cabins, prepared for sound decoder with 21 pin MTC interface and 2 factory installed loudspeakers. Ventilation grills and walking board along the roof is etched. For the first time a correct model of the NSB short type with 18600mm over buffers.

29 NSB Di3a locomotives were of the short type, 18600mm l.o.b.  For the first time a correct models of this most common type.  The length of the drivers cabin in each end were 150mm shorter in each end. They kept the same original wheel base.  This due to the short turntables and traverses in Norway.  Only No. 602 (the prototype ex DSB), 622 and 623 were full length of 18900 mm of the long Di3a type. Totally there were built 35 Di3s where 29 is of the short Di3a type, 3 long Di3a type and 3 Di3b type. Highest speed were 143 km/h.

Noen tekniske data / Some technical data:
Lob:         18600mm
Vekt/weight:    102 tonn
Motor:         16/567C/E
Effekt/Output:    1305kW/1175 HK
Hjulstand/wheelbase: 14300mm
Bygget av / built by: Nohab, Trollhättan 1954-1969

More Information

More Information
Digital Interface MTC 21 Pin
Model Di 3
Current DC Analog
Art. No. NMJT90003
Manufacturer NMJ
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm
Scale H0 / 1:87
Railway Company NSB