NMJ Topline Electric Rail Car NSB BM69A.014, Red/Brown Livery

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NMJ Topline model of the NSB BM69.014 in the red/brown livery with black doors.


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NMJ Topline model of the NSB BM69.014 in the red/brown livery with black doors.

Superdetailed NMJ Topline of NSB EMU BM69a with an excellent detailing on the front, body, roof, interior and undercarriage. Metal chassis with mid motor and double cardan axels connected with a topkvality motor gives excellent driving performance. Roof with resistorbrakes and air condition over the drivers cabins. Specially made electric coupling between motor and steering coach. The model is equipted with MTC 21 pin decoder interface and 28 mm loud speaker for easy mounting of sound decoder. In analog mode light change white/red. In digital mode following light function can be controlled:

Lower marker light/red rear light with F-exit

Toplamp directional each end separately controlled

Lights in drivers cabin can be contolled separately. We recommend the NMJ programmed decoders which are optimized for BM69 and with the impressive og typical fading of top lamps just as on the prototypes. BM69 shortened the travelling times around Oslo with 40% on local trains around Oslo with its had an extreme acceleration and retardation. Before mounting the resistor brakes the BM69 need new brake shoes every day. Totally 49 sets were built devided into:

15 sets BM69a,1970- 71,

20 sets BM69b 1974- 75

14 seta BM69c 1975-77.

BM69 was built for lasting 20 years, but are still in use and are now 45 years old. This tells aobut the qualtity of these trains which have done the hardest service possible with many stops and starts. BM69 has a effect of 1632HK, length of 49700mm, weight of 89,2 tons, seating capacity of 189 with max speed 120 km/h.

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More Information
Digital Interface MTC 21 Pin
Model Bm 69a
Current DC Analog
Art. No. NMJT84.103
Manufacturer NMJ
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm
Scale H0 / 1:87
Railway Company NSB