NMJ Topline SJ Gbs 150 4 257-1

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NMJ Topline modell av SJ Gbs 150 4 257-1, type 631 med UIC nummer og påskrifter etter 1968.

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NMJ Topline model of the SJ Gbs 150 4 257-1, type 631, lettering from 1968 Gbs, one of the most common modern closed box cars, was built between 1961-1961 in totally 4506 wagons, devided in 3 types, Gbs 611, Gbs 631 and finally Gbs 681. The box car was of a standard UIS construction with 14020 mm length over the buffers, which came in use all over Europa with many type of bodies. Gbs 611 came from 1961 and 2500 box car were made. (see NMJT 608.XXX series models) The 631 type was made from 1964 totally 1905 wagons, The last type, 681, had a higher sliding door in order to handle high volume of which 100 was built. In addition some Gbs type box car with the narrow english profile were delivered to SJ for transport to UK

More Information

More Information
Railway Company SJ
Scale H0 / 1:87
Manufacturer NMJ
Art. No. NMJT609.202
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm