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NMJ Topline SJ Gbs 150 1 850-6, Closed Freight Car

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NMJ Topline SJ Gbs 150 1 850-6 with UIC number and lettering after 1968.

Superdetailed Topline model of SJ Gbs with UIC numbers and lettering after 1968. The model has all details on the body of 611 type, with 8 ventilatorss, corrugated metal slinding doors, ferrry hooks and high brakemans`s plattform with external hand brake and sprung buffers. NEM short couplings mechanism og pocket. Exact in HO 1:87, length over buffers are 161,1 mm.

Gbs was a standard UIC contruction with a standard length over the buffers of 14020 mm and was, with different types of bodies, in use all over Europe.

Also by SJ it was a need for bigger box cars for big volume goods. SJ ordered 4505 Gbs wagons devided into 3 types, 2500 of the 611, 1905 of the 631 and 100 of the 681 type. From 1968 the international litra was Gbs 150.

The wagons had a loading area of 33m2, a weight 14 tons and a laoding capacity up to 26,5 tons. Due to the axel distance of 9,0m the Gbs wa permitted for 100km/h.

Gbs was also used as private or leased wagons. Some big Sweidsh companies had wagons, such as Gullfiber, Pågens Bröd, (bread) Edet hygenic paper, tetra pak, Nyckelkund and Posten. NMJ offers several of this interesting wagons.

In addition some Gbs type box car with the narrow english profile were delivered to SJ for transport to UK.


Producer NMJ
Scale H0 / 1:87
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm
Railway Company SJ

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