NMJ Topline SJ Ibblps 805 8 600-9 refrigerator car

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NMJ Topline model of the SJ Ibblps 805 8 600-9 refrigerator car in the livery from the 1980-ties.

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NMJ Topline model of the SJ Ibblps 805 8 600-9 refrigerator car wtih UIC numbers.

Superdetailed Topline model of SJ Ibblps refrigator wagon with UIC numbers and lettering. All details on the immitated wooden body and undercarriage with correkt lettering and mounted metal handrails. The model has end openings, Grohe ventiators on the roof, 1000v cables. NEM short couplings mechanism og pocket. Exact in HO 1:87, length over buffers are 141,2mm.

Due to great demand for cool and secure transportation of food SJ ordered 642 wagons of the Grf type. These were delivere in 1951-52. Grf had the same undercarriage as the G type but insulated body with standing wooden panel on the outside. Some Grf got aluminum plate covered wallsl, please see art 610.XXX. Many Grf were leased to big companies and commercial text and add was made.

The Grf had a weight of 15 tons, max loading capacity 20,5 tons and floor area of 28,72. Grf had 1000V cable and axel distance of 8,4 which permitted for 100km/h and use in passenger trains.

Grf was used in trafic in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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More Information
Railway Company SJ
Scale H0 / 1:87
Manufacturer NMJ
Art. No. NMJT605.201
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm