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NMJ Topline SJ B5K 4898, 2nd Class Passenger Coach, Inter-Regio Design

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NMJ Topline SJ B5K 4898 2 Cl. Passenger coach, Inter-Regio.

Topline models with all details on the body, roof and undercarriage. Correct bogies with NEM short couplings mechanism. Fulle detailed interior with handpainted seats and the interior, just as the prototype.

SJ “Inter-Regio” Design.

As a test for some inter-regional trains within Sweden, at first called “Inter-Regio”, some coaches were painted with blue body, red line on the body sides and grey roof. It proved to be very attractive and was soon approved as the 4th new design of SJ in few years around the mid 1990s. For many years it was common to see coaches with 4-5different paint schemes in the Swedish trains.

This series SJ passenger coaches represented the very highlight of comfort in Europe, with with its beautiful wooden interior and specious soft chairs.

Totally 115 coaches of the Bo5/B5 type were delivered to SJ from 1963-1968. The coaches had two 2nd Class saloons and five 2nd Class compartments . The coaches were in use by SJ until 2006. Some of these coaches were taken over by privat railway companies. Totally 537 coahces were built in this series.

The NMJ Topline series consists different types such as
A2 1st class,
AB2 1st and 2nd class,
AB3 1st and 2nd class coach with 1 class saloon,
B1 2nd class, and
B5 2nd class, in all different colours.


Producer NMJ
Railway Company SJ
Scale H0 / 1:87
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm

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