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Passion for trains
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NMJT106.506 - NMJ Topline NSB AB3 25675
NMJT106.506 - NMJ Topline NSB AB3 25675

NMJ Topline NSB AB3 25675

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NMJ Topline model of the NSB AB3-6 25651, 1st/2nd class passenger coach in NSB`s latest design.

NMJ Topline model of NSB B3-6, 2 Cl. passenger coach in the latest design of NSB.   Modell eksakt in HO 1:87, 270.1 mm l.o.b. with all details on the body, roof, undercarriage and bogies. 

NSB discovered all of sudden that they had too few coaches for the increasing traffic on the NSB network around Oslo. Mantena, a railway work shop had bought some of the old NSB B3 coaches which they have sold to several companies in Norway and Sweden over the years. NSB bought back 14 coaches and after revision and overhaul with new interior they were put into service to Halden and on the Østfold-, Vestfold and the Bergen-line.
The prototype pictures are taken by the Roll Out 13th of December 2007 and these coaches were in use until December 2014.  

The Skandinaviska Järnväger  in Sweden bought these coaches and now placed in Uddevalle in Sweden.  Thereby these 50 years old coaches seems to get another life on Norwegian and Swedish tracks.


Producer NMJ
Railway Company NSB
Scale H0 / 1:87
Track Gauge H0 / 16mm

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