NMJ Topline NSB B3 series DCC interior light set

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NMJ Topline NSB B3-series interior light

LED interior light set for all versions of NMJ Topline NSB B3 series coaches. The light has a warm-white character and gives a realistic appearance. This set includes a complete light board with 14 LEDs and DCCdecoder on board, 2 custom power pick-ups and power capacitors. The light board has an advanced decoder allowing all LEDs to be controlled separately. The decoder has in total 16 outputs, where 14 are used for the LEDs. The two remaining outputs can be used for tail-lights or other suitable features. All outputs on the decoder can be programmed with realistic effects such as dimming, fading, defective fluorescent tube and flickering. A random sequence generator is also available. Full user manual for this product and its features are available on our website.

Some soldering is required during installation of the interior light board. NMJ recommends a soldering iron with thin tip.

User manual here!

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More Information
Art. No. NMJT105.990
Manufacturer NMJ