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Passion for trains
Passion for trains
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NMJ H0 Display Case, 36 Cm

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High-quality NMJ display case for H0 scale models. Showcase your beautiful train models in an elegant and dust-free environment.

The base is made of dark wood with an aluminum frame. Delivered with clear acrylic top. Slip-safe surface. Prepared for Sommerfeldt catenary system with pre-drilled holes underneath the baseplate with recess space for the nut fixing the catenary masts.

Length of track: 36 Cm
Base footprint: 40.8 x 14.4 cm

To mount catenary masts, you'll need a 4 mm drill bit for wood. Follow the pre-drilled holes and drill the remaining 2-3 mm through the surface of the base plate. The display is delivered with no visible holes, so it is just as elegant for those who want use it without a catenary masts and diesel locomotives.

NMJ offer packages with Sommerfeldt Catenary masts and overhead line suitable for the showcase.


Producer NMJ
Scale H0 / 1:87

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